Optometrist - Eyeglasses - Colored Contacts    


We have been providing quality eye care in the Mt. Washington Valley and northern NH since 1925. At Conway Eye Care and Coos Eye Care, our goal is to provide excellence in Optometrist Services, and to exceed our patients’ expectations with outstanding service and quality Eyeglasses and Colored Contacts at competitive prices.


We pride ourselves on our personal approach to your care with decades of experience in all areas of  eye care. We invite you to explore our services here and encourage you to use this site as a helpful resource for vision care information.



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Our comprehensive eye care offices offer:

  • complete eye exams for patients of all ages;
  • OCT scanning diagnostics for state-of-the-art medical evaluations;
  • eye surgery and treatment for eye diseases when indicated;
  • convenient appointments for scheduled exams;
  • referrals to Maine Eye Center for advanced ophthalmologic care; and
  • daily available emergency appointments for urgent care.

Optometrist - Eyeglasses - Colored Contacts    

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Optometrist - Eyeglasses - Colored Contacts