Contact Lenses

Should your examination indicate that visual correction is required, we can discuss whether contact lenses might be an appropriate means of achieving clear vision. We'll review the pros and cons, and help you assess whether your personal lifestyle and habits would make you a good candidate. Some patients are not good candidates for contact lenses.


If we agree to proceed, you will be scheduled for a fitting evaluation. Lenses are available in many materials, designs and sizes. Your fitting will help to determine the most appropriate choice for your eyes, and you will be trained on proper care and handling of contact lenses, upon receiving them. A follow-up visit will ensure that the contact lenses are not causing tissue changes, and that vision is properly corrected. At that time, we can also answer any additional questions you have about your contact lenses.


Our expertise and experience with contact lenses dates back to when contact lenses were first introduced in the 1950s. As a result, we are well-versed with complicated contact lens prescriptions our patients may require for proper vision correction.