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Coronavirus Update

1319 White Mountain Hwy

North Conway, NH 03860



820 Main St

Berlin, NH 03570



To Our Valued Patients,

As the coronavirus is now demonstrating community spread, it is essential that we take every precaution to limit risk and reduce further spread.  The doctors and staff of Conway Eye Care and Coos Eye Care are making every effort to keep you safe, while still remaining available for essential eye care needs.

  • Our offices will remain open for urgent and emergent care only, by appointment only. Our offices will remain closed to all walk-in traffic, until further notice. This includes all eye care services AND optical services.  All routine appointments are being postponed per CDC guidelines.  If you have an appointment for an ongoing medical eye condition, we will contact you to discuss appropriate treatment and scheduling. Our current hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, subject to change.
  • If you have an eye issue that may need attention, please call our office. Our doctors are developing protocols to include telemedicine services via phone, Skype, and FaceTime so that we may provide remote care when available and appropriate.  Although we want patients to stay home when they can, we don’t want anyone to ignore an eye issue that may become a bigger problem if left untreated.
  • Contact Lenses: If you are in need of contact lenses and your prescription has expired, our doctors will provide a temporary 90-day extension of contact lens prescriptions for current contact lens patients. We welcome contact lens orders by phone and your contacts will be mailed directly to you with free shipping on all orders. We appreciate your support with continued contact lens orders, enabling us to continue paying our staff.
  • Glasses: If you are in urgent need of replacement glasses due to loss/breakage, we will continue to place eyeglass orders. If your eyeglass prescription has expired, our doctors may provide an extension of your most recent eyeglass prescription, or we may determine a new prescription when needed.  If you have glasses to be picked up, you may schedule an appointment or we can mail them to you.
  • Appointment Protocol: If you have an appointment for medical, urgent, or emergent eye care or optical services, we ask you to:
    • Notify us prior to your visit if you have (or have had contact with anyone having) any sign of fever or respiratory illness or any international travel.
    • Postpone non-emergent appointments if you have risk factors for severe COVID-19.
    • Attend your appointment alone, or when necessary you may have 1 person/driver accompany you. All other individuals should remain at home (or in your vehicle).
    • Wear your glasses to your medical/emergency visit, even if you typically wear contact lenses, so that contact lenses need not be removed and inserted in office.
    • Make use of the hand sanitizer at check-in, or wash hands with soap and water in the restroom prior to your visit.
    • Rest assured that we are diligently sanitizing every area of the office that comes into contact with anyone (patient or staff), and that we are prohibiting employees in office if they have or have been in contact with anyone having any sign of any illness whatsoever.

Although we are needing to limit some of our services at this time, please know that your eye health, vision, and overall safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. We will continue to adapt to this rapidly changing landscape and we will remain available to help you with your eye care needs.  We appreciate your cooperation with the new measures being taken, and we are grateful for your trust in us as your eye care provider.


Dr. Angelique Sawyer

Owner, Conway Eye Care and Coos Eye Care

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