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Updated Appointment Information

Prior to Your Visit

Please review all of the important information below to prepare for your visit and arrive ten (10) minutes prior to your appointment time. 

Appointment Policies

  • Due to staffing, our offices continue to offer both medical services and optical services by appointment. If you would like to visit our optical department on the day of your exam, please notify our office in advance so we can plan accordingly. 
  • As a courtesy to our office and other patients that are waiting for appointments, please allow 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. Failure to provide 24 hour notice may result in a delay in rescheduling your visit, as well as a missed appointment fee of $50.
  • Please be aware that if you are more than ten (10) minutes late, your appointment will need to be rescheduled in fairness to those patients who arrive on time.
  • FACE MASK USE IS OPTIONAL if you have no symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, sinus congestion, runny nose, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache). If you have experienced any of these symptoms in the last 10 days, please take a COVID test prior to your visit and wear a mask while in office – or reschedule for more than 10 days from symptom onset.

What to Bring

  • Eyeglasses: Please bring any and all glasses that you currently use, including new and old prescription glasses, sunglasses, over the counter magnifiers, and even broken glasses. 
  • Contact Lenses: Please wear your current contact lenses to the appointment (if you are a new patient, please also bring the written contact lenses prescription from your previous doctor). 
  • Medications: Please bring a list of all medications that you are taking at this time. 
  • Your Insurance Card(s): If your visit is being billed to insurance, your insurance card must be presented at every visit. Missing/outdated insurance information prevents billing to insurance and causes the visit to be private pay.

Scheduling Your Visit


  • New patients: Our community continues to see more population growth than what our doctors can easily accommodate at this time. While we are once again accepting new patients, we continue to have limited availability.  To be scheduled for a new patient appointment, we ask that you first print, complete, and return the patient intake paperwork. Once received, we will contact you to schedule your visit. If you have an urgent issue that requires more prompt scheduling, please also have your primary care provider/family doctor send a referral with detailed notes of your current condition.
  • Established patients: Due to community growth and fewer eye care providers in the community, we are still booking several months out for established patient comprehensive eye exams.  If you have an emergent issue, our staff will triage your issue and schedule you for an emergency appointment.  If you would prefer to be seen sooner than our first available appointment for a non-emergent issue, you can be added to the waitlist for earlier cancelations.  You can request a non-emergent appointment by phone or on our website.
  • Contact Lens Patients:  Because we have a 3-6 month wait for an appointment,  contact lens patients should plan accordingly and call to schedule their exam well BEFORE their current prescription expires.  Contact lenses are an FDA-regulated medical device and require an annual in-person evaluation.
  • Appointment Confirmations and Missed Appointments: Due to our long waitlist for appointments, we require that you confirm your appointment within the week prior (this can easily be done via text message or by phone). If unable to make your appointment, we ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid any appointment fees.  Any missed appointment fees must be paid prior to rescheduling to a new date and time.


  • If you wish to be added to our waitlist, please be sure that we have the best contact number for you and that you have opted-in for text messaging.  When we have cancellations, we will reach out by text message first, and openings will go to those that reply first. If you are unable to receive text messages, we can add you to our call list, but calls are only made if no one has first claimed the spot via text message.